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23th april 2020 / Letter #235
Generous friends, great products, and great initiatives, that's what I wanted to share with you this week. I sincerely hope that you are doing well and above all that you are holding on while waiting for a return to a slightly more "normal" life, a hope that seems to be slowly looming on the horizon.
Voyage Color�
I see on social networks that many people get back to cooking, making their own bread or learning new recipes. Well, that’s not my thing. But I love it when my friend Thierry from the company Les Cailloux sends me his beautiful tomatoes, mini cucumbers, zucchini or eggplant and it is the ideal season for asparagus and artichokes. Good cooking starts with good products, it's a bit like fashion! For Parisians, I spotted a company called Vépluche which delivers to individuals and also the Jardin d’Emma which mostly delivers to Neuilly and the Yvelines areas.
Voyage Color�
The most beautiful!
Voyage Color�
The “Lou Péquélou"
Voyage Color�
Like a painting!
Voyage Color�
Zéphyr ‘s zucchini
Voyage Color�
Bunch of artichokes
Voyage Color�
The stars of the season
Last summer my friend Zana Murat, an ultra-fine cook (she wrote a lot of great books) gave us many delicious recipes. During this period of confinement, Zana very kindly gave me a new and easy one (she knows me well). Here it is:
Except for the eggs (we can’t make omelets without breaking eggs!), everything is optional: herbs, greenery (spinach, salad, celery, etc.), onion and garlic (new if possible), zucchini, other rather green vegetables such as asparagus, green beans or leftover minced vegetables. But also bacon, ham or chicken leftovers or 1 chipolata cut into small sections ... or nothing ... only vegetables.
For example:
- 4 eggs
- 2 fresh onions, minced with their green stem
- 2 new garlic cloves
- 1 zucchini
- 1 stalk of celery
- Herbs (parsley, mint, chives ...)
- 4 to 5 large salad leaves
- 1 handful of bacon bits
- Feta or goat and / or Emmenthal, grated Comté
- Salt, pepper, nutmeg
In a frying pan, brown the onions, garlic and all the raw minced vegetables in a dash of olive oil with a pinch of salt without coloring, just to soften and cook them a bit. Add the bacon, previously poached in boiling water and drained (to remove the salt and cook them a little). Beat 4 eggs, season with salt, pepper and a little grated nutmeg. Pour into the pan and scramble. It should set without being fully cooked. Crumble some feta cheese and then Comté and slip it into the oven under the grill just enough to brown the cheese and enjoy it warm with a nice green salad or a mixture of sprouts of your choice. The omelette is cooked underneath, soft inside and grilled above.
Little extra :
You can flip the omelet over with a plate and cook it on the other side. It becomes a tortilla that you can prepare in advance and enjoy cold. Omelet or tortilla, you can try a garlic-onion-tomato-pepper-chorizo-chilli of Espelette version... Olé!
6 des 30 colonnes cannel�es
Just before
Beau profil !
Right after
Thank you Zana!
Voyage Color�
So since I'm talking to you about my friend Zana, note that among all the extraordinary things she does, she helped her son and daughter-in-law to open an absolutely essential Levantine bakery: Babka Zana ! It is located at 65, rue Condorcet in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It's simple, you can't miss it because the whole street smells of cinnamon. There, you can taste the most succulent babkas in the world! Some are topped with chocolate or chocolate-hazelnut spread, others with lemon or pistachio and orange blossom. But there are also rugelach (mini croissants filled with chocolate), sabichs (delicious sandwiches) and Hallah bread. I have rarely seen a place with such delicious food! Great news, they had to close following containment measures (that's why I hadn't told you about it before), they have been open again since April 17!
Voyage Color�
There it is!
Voyage Color�
Sarah & Emmanuel
Voyage Color�
Babka cakes
Voyage Color�
Chocolate and hazelnut babka
Voyage Color�
Voyage Color�
I took advantage of this confinement to make a "no-shampoo-for-a-month" cure. Ok, it's called a sebum cure but I find it too ugly. Report :
- After 3 days, your hair is flat and oily, you already want to stop.
- On the 4th day, we make a ponytail.
- On the 5th day, the hair is not bad when you wake up, tousled, with volume, a little wild but as soon as you brush it, it becomes dirty and ugly again. Brush them daily and wash your brush thoroughly.
Well, I'm not going to give you a daily report, but it can be noted that no one noticed at my house that I no longer washed my hair. We can therefore conclude that:
1) they did not smell bad.
2) my relatives don’t look at me very much !
Finally, after a month, I shampooed without adding a conditioner. Result:
- My hair is clean (crazy!).
- I had a little more volume.
- The tips were less dry.
- My hair stays clean longer.
- It is softer to the touch
So if you should try do not expect a miracle. The idea is mainly to space the washings in the future.
Dinky: not looking convinced
save the planet
Unless you have already received it, I think that the next box of the Letter of Ines is on the way to your mailbox ... I thought that a little gem would please you so I chose a bracelet from Tityaravy. It is very simple: small rubies on zoisite (powerful emotional healer!), small gold-plated flowers, all mounted on a red wire, a color which in India symbolizes strength, joy and love and which contributes to the realization of projects ... It can only do us good, don’t you think? And then, in the box, there are other little things, but I won’t spoil the surprise.
D�j� petit
Soothing bracelet
D�j� petit
Delivered in a pretty case
D�j� petit
In one week Laurence Benaïm mobilized a considerable number of personalities to bring together unique pieces (nearly 120 lots): an Eastwood electric guitar by Keren Ann, a soccer jersey signed by Kylian Mbappé, a watercolor by Jean-Philippe Delhomme, a writing workshop with Leila Slimani, a macaron lesson with Pierre Hermé ... in order to organize an online auction with the house of Tajan. All the funds collected will be donated to the SOS Ehpad foundation, which objective is to unite donations to help concretely improve the difficult daily life of Ehpad staff, now the main link with our dependent seniors, and in particular to support pragmatic initiatives for the staff: purchase of protective equipment, supplies, meals, coffee, tea, drinks ... babysitting at home, taxis, hotel nights near nursing homes ... This online sale will take place from April 24 to 27 (end of auction on 04/27 at 3 p.m.). To participate, you simply connect to one of these sites : Tajan, Drouot Digital, Auction or Invaluable. As Laurence puts it very nicely, "There is a parting behind this sale. A lack. The awareness that at some point we become the parents of those who raised us."
La Vieille Charit�
Guitare by Keren Ann
Bruno Frisoni's shoes
L�H�tel de Ville
Perfecto by Michel Klein
IF trench customized by me
Another great initiative: Anne Roumanoff, with the help of a team of volunteers and Jean-Pierre Bansard, created a Solidarity kitty with caregivers. This collection makes it possible to buy part of the protective equipment missing for caregivers: masks, gloves, charlottes, overshoes... So if you want to participate, it's very simple, just click on this link. Thank you for them!
I Feel sorry for the death of Christophe. Dandy a little accursed in his pink silk jacket, he must be riding a Harley Davidson in paradise now. We keep the beautiful melodies he left us..
Merci - Mille baisers - Ines
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