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6th August 2020 / Letter #250
In summer when children or friends turn up, it's always a delight to set up their bedroom. Well, obviously it’s not about getting into big jobs, but with a few small details you can pretty it up fairly easily in the end. Let me explain …
No need to dilly dally, in a bedroom the main element is and always will be the bed. Well, believe it or not, I realized that swapping the legs of a bed for higher ones make a great difference. First, it’s more convenient to clean up, then it’s more pleasant when you lie down, it feels like you are overlooking the bedroom, and finally the whole room looks airy and spacious. It may seem complicated to do, but it is not: I made it! I found light wooden feet (they also exist in white or dark wood) 25cm high on the La Redoute website.
You don’t even need a screwdriver with these feet, you turn and it fixes itself! A few contortions, that’s all there is to it!
6 des 30 colonnes cannel�es
4 of them obviously!
Beau profil !
Agility for sure!
Height absolutely!
save the planet
A bedhead is an accessory that we don't always think about, but which makes a room look warm and cosy very easily. In addition, as its name suggests, you can put it behind a bed, but also use it to make a booth seat by simply placing it behind a bed base. I found a very nice one at Tikamoon, in driftwood and I used it to make a booth seat which could also be used as an extra bed in the guest room.
D�j� petit
D�j� petit
Voyage Color�
For the booth seat , nothing could be easier: a very simple bed base on which you stack mattress toppers that you can find at Tensira or like mine at Caravane. Then you put lots of cushions. I found some at Ailleurs, but there are also some lovely ones at Scarlette and La Redoute in cotton gauze. If you pile up the different sizes, it's even better. And at AMPM, there are very large and very small ones. Et voilà !
Voyage Color�
Ailleurs and at home
Voyage Color�
Found at Caravane
Voyage Color�
Scarlette's happiness
Voyage Color�
Cotton gauze of course!
Voyage Color�
Mix of sizes
Voyage Color�
Tensira's mattress toppers
Voyage Color�
A bedroom that smells good is essential! It’s no use working hard to make a nice decoration if the room stinks (or at least smells like the paella you had at lunch)! So a mini candle from Dyptique, a small diffuser that for once is not too ugly with essential oils of jasmine from the Imperial Hotel in Delhi (my favorite in the world), an adorable candle from Puebco, or another super refined from Oriza L. Legrand will save the day for sure!
Voyage Color�
A classic!
Voyage Color�
Rather discreet for once
Voyage Color�
Live from Delhi
Voyage Color�
Jasmine in spray version
Voyage Color�
Absolute cuteness
Voyage Color�
Just a dream
save the planet
It is discreet, but it can be quite impressive if you have these small pencils personalized with the name of your house in a small glass jar in the guest room. I'm not sure they do it even in Downtown Abbey!
D�j� petit
Chic, right?
D�j� petit
So you know where you are!
D�j� petit
The dirty stain of the mosquito crushed on the wall is definitely not that great… But guess what, I found the magic bullet to remove it without getting exhausted. The magic sponge is magnificently aptly named since with the least effort all stains, even the most resistant, disappear. Progress is crazy!
La Vieille Charit�
Miraculous object!
You pass it under water
L�H�tel de Ville
Can you see that stain?
Not any more!
Et sinon...
If you add a small bunch of freshly cut flowers, your guests should normally be delighted. Next week, I will tell you about deckchairs, towels, summer accessories... well, holidays! I am undoubtedly very inspired by the subject! I wish you a great week and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Merci - Mille baisers - Ines
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