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september 3th 2020 / Letter #254
Last week, I told you about autumn clothes, this week it will be more about accessories. It is still about autumnal colors and you'll see, like for clothes, everything goes together! But you know how I am, I just couldn't help but add a few more things!
save the planet
- What did you hate 20 years ago and love today?
- What has become a classic but cool accessory?
- Something your lover doesn’t understand
- An accessory you would buy back though you already had one before
Answer: a pair of Birkenstock. Okay, that's nothing new, but neither is a pair of jeans! And then, apart from being comfortable, fashion editors love their style. Mine is crimson red, but I've seen some in light leather that look great too and will perfectly go with all the clothes I told you about last week.
D�j� petit
Comfortable inside ...
D�j� petit
and outside!
These are undoubtedly the prettiest boots around! I already told you about this model from Michel Vivien last winter, but this fall, they are available in khaki and they are quite simply gorgeous!
Before you never leave them
save the planet
Vanessa Bruno has a very pretty bucket bag line. Mine is brown, obviously seasonal, and I like it's smooth leather. I leave it tanned in the sun to make it look even more beautiful. There is a small zipped pouch attached to it, a small detail that I appreciate in handbags.
D�j� petit
Tanning session
D�j� petit
With its discreet pouch
save the planet
DIt was not easy to find sunglasses in keeping with the theme of this letter. But guess what! There is a new collection of glasses in my shop (If you want something done, do it yourself) and in particular this pair with a copper frame. And copper is a fall color, right?!
D�j� petit
Seeing life through copper sunglasses
D�j� petit
Perfectly in the theme!
If brown is the common point between summer and fall, suntan is definitely something we want to keep. So we shouldn’t be stingy on tanning lotions. I have 3 to recommend you:
- Le Terrybly, Sun Glow by By Terry
- Bonjour Sunshine from L’Oréal
- l’Hei Poa Sublimatrices pure gold & mother-of-pearl monoi.
The 3 of them favorably sublimate your complexion and magnify your summer glow each in their own way. Personally, I take turns to put all the odds in my favor.
6 des 30 colonnes cannel�es
Terrybly effective!
Beau profil !
The ideal L'Oréal!
Taïti rather than a scalpel!
Speaking of beauty, and though it does not have much to do with autumn colors, I heard that this product is absolutely fabulous ... This treatment nourishes, strengthens and stimulates the growth of your eyelashes. It's called Revitalash Advanced, it's been tested by both ophthalmologists & dermatologists, it's vegan, hypoallergenic, oil-free etc ... In short, it's great and super effective! I start the treatment on the spot!
Also available for eyebrows
Voyage Color�
Here again, we are a little off topic, but since the objects offered by Micasasté Micasasté definitely remind us of summer, it’s now or never. There are objects found in India, Thailand or America like this indigo kimono kimono that my friend Jeanne immediately spotted, or colorful pouches & tote-bags which are kind of very cheerful. There are also some very pretty bracelets which I think come from India or nearby.
Voyage Color�
It suits you very well, Jeanne!
Voyage Color�
Matching the kimono
Voyage Color�
Very cute pompoms!
Voyage Color�
My bag!
Voyage Color�
Semi-precious stones
Voyage Color�
And even soap!
D�j� petit
One of my friends, François Dufour has got only good ideas: creator of Le Petit Quotidien, which is a really very well-made newspaper for children, he is now thinking of snowed under moms who have to remember everything. This multiple monthly notepad, the “ frigobloc", ultra magnetic, will be ideal for an organized back to school!
La Vieille Charit�
To see clearly
Without forgetting the cat!
L�H�tel de Ville
yesssss, holidays!
Ultra magnetic on the fridge
save the planet
All the most beautiful clothes & accessories in the world can never work miracles if your teeth are not perfectly white and healthy. This is an indisputable rule! This is why in the last box, I slipped you a tube of Regenerate Enamel Science™ toothpaste. Note then that this highly serious brand takes particular care of your tooth enamel, which has a tendency to deteriorate over time due to erosion process (teeth turn yellow and weaken).This “smile routine” includes a toothpaste, a mouthwash and an Expert serum (applied for 3 minutes, 3 times per month using a gutter). Thanks to NR-5TM ingredients (5 is for the 5 filed patents, this is serious, I am telling you!), tooth enamel is regenerated with exactly the same mineral that it is naturally made up of. And if you do everything right, 82% of your enamel will be regenerated within 3 days*! Worth a try, right?

*based on an in vitro test measuring the hardness of the enamel after using Dentifrice Expert and Serum Expert combined to regenerate the enamel during a period of 3 days.
D�j� petit
And also a nice packaging!
D�j� petit
Essential accessories!

Next week, serious things will have started for sure... everyone will be back on the way to school and offices ... so we'll see, by then, what frame of mind we are in! I wish you a very nice week and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!
Merci - Mille baisers - Ines
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