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November 12, 2020 / Letter #264
Last week, I promised to find you some ideas for sweaters. It is obviously less essential since we have all been confined... but at home, you can always put on an extra sweater and turn down the heating, this would undoubtedly be a good gesture for the planet !
D�j� petit
I am deeply in love with O’Connell’s Shetland sweaters ! I like them plain and though they are a bit itchy, the color range is irresistible. My favorites are the jacquard cardigans, I love them in all colors. They are made in Scotland, and yet the brand's website is American... don’t ask !
La Vieille Charit�
Mine too !
L�H�tel de Ville
Soft winter color
Khaki, of course !
Voyage Color�
At From Future, they have jacquard cashmere sweaters that are quite nice too ! But what is very appealing about From Future is their color range and very reasonable prices. I spotted some absolutely gorgeous sky blue and pink zip-up cardigans for adults and children and “V” neck sweaters in very nicely contrasting colors. They also have some nice men's sweaters with buttons on the shoulder for your sweetheart, hoping he doesn't like it so that you can pinch it off him. I also spotted some jogging pants, pretty ideal right now. But my favorite models are the simple round neck sweaters in all colors !
Voyage Color�
The jacquard of the Future
Voyage Color�
Maxi & mini models
Voyage Color�
Grey & fluo
Voyage Color�
Sweater to pinch
Voyage Color�
Special lockdown
Voyage Color�
Which one to choose ???
Another suggestion for an absolutely sublime jacquard sweater (yes, yes that's my obsession at the moment !) at Harvey of Scotland. They're a little harder to find, but you will find a few on Trouva’s website, which by the way is aptly named. I found this perfect pink one at Maison Empereur. Maison Empereur located in… guess where ? In Marseille of course !
Special good mood sweater
The French brand Réuni offers a fairly new concept which consists in producing only timeless pieces. They do not have a collection and only recommend one model at a time. In order to best meet our wishes, they have an online questionnaire. Then, they bring together all our proposals and come up with a model. We can follow the different stages of the manufacturing of the garment and a few months later, the model is available for a limited time. I was lucky enough to discover this navy cardigan, which I found very chic, very sober and of excellent quality. Apparently, you can find it on the their website and if you give your email address, Réuni will let you know when it is available again. In short, it's the complete opposite of fast fashion and that’s quite a good thing !
Chic, right ?
save the planet
Two-colored like Yadi's plates (if you don't have the reference, read the letter 262) and even three-colored: here is my new Valentine Witmeur sweater. It's a brand that I have followed and loved for some time. A good many people have become crazy about it, so it seems. Very convenient, you may ask :"Do you like my white sweater ? ", the answer is:" yes "or:" Do you like my brown sweater ? ", the answer is again:" yes "and ditto for" Do you like my green sweater? ". We understand the dazzling success of this brand ! Okay, I'm going out…
D�j� petit
White ? Green ? Brown ?
D�j� petit
There are little cardigans at Bonton that we would love to keep for ourselves. Unfortunately, it is not our size ! On the other hand, it is the perfect opportunity to get children used to khaki from an early age !
The right education
Since we're confined, this might be the perfect opportunity to get into knitting, and it is just the right season to do it. Of course, we don't have the talent of my friend Jacqueline, most eminent grandmother, but we have to get to it one day... There are many tutorials to learn the different techniques quite easily and you can find plenty of balls of wool on Internet. I even spotted some really pretty cashmere ones. Let's just hope that our scarf won’t be 5 kilometers long by the end of the lockdown…
6 des 30 colonnes cannel�es
In cashmere...
Beau profil !
Jacqueline’s garter stitch
End of yarn ball sweater
Another strange period that we are going through. But we have to be patient and hope with all our heart that we quickly get rid of this dreadful virus. Of course, I will keep on writing to you every week as I will most certainly have things to tell you. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and see you next Thursday.
Merci - Mille baisers - Ines
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